Estate Planning Articles: Establish an Estate Plan for Peace of Mind

Everyone has an estate plan - either the one they establish themselves, or the one the courts will mandate after their death. While creating an estate plan might not be something everyone looks forward to, the peace of mind it brings is priceless. One of the rewards of responsible wealth management is knowing that your hard work will continue to benefit generations to come.

Here you will find articles from New Dimensions Wealth Management, a financial planning team serving Allen, McKinney and North Texas, regarding effective estate planning.

Estate Planning Documents – Is your family prepared?

One of the first priorities for our financial planning and wealth management clients is to have appropriate estate documents in place. While most people consider estate planning documents to be their Will and/or Trust, they also include necessary Power of Attorney designations, Medical Directives and HIPAA designations. The combination of these documents allows an individual […]

Don’t Be Caught (dead) Without These Essential Estate Planning Documents

It’s no surprise that every financial planner suggests that clients have appropriate estate planning documents in place. But folks are often surprised that the suggestion applies to them. Many people don’t think they have sufficient assets to justify an “estate” plan.  Some already have a will, never mind that it’s older than some of their (grown) […]