Investment Management: A Simpler Way

We believe in capital markets.
We believe in capitalism.
We believe the logical conclusion is to invest wisely, broadly and consistently in markets all over the world.

The investing world is filled with people who claim they can beat the market. The evidence is incontrovertible that many of these experts make remarkable sums of money in their roles as money managers. However, the evidence is far less clear on whether they make any money for their clients (net of management fees and the taxes incurred because of excess trading.)

The simple truth is that passive investing is the best approach for most investors. At least that’s what experts such as Warren Buffet, Arthur Levitt (Former SEC Chairman), David Swenson (Chief Investment officer of Yale University), Scott Burns (Syndicated Columnist) and Jane Bryant Quinn (Syndicated Columnist) have to say.

So, how should you go about building a passive portfolio if you believe that’s the simplest, most effective way to achieve your financial goals? Answer – own the world, as best you can.

We built our models to serve the Allen, TX area with highly diversified mutual funds representing all of the recognized global equity asset classes. You will own large and small companies located in the United States and around the world – Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and South America…..more than 10,000 securities in all.

But diversification is only half of the long-term recipe for investing success. You also have to have low operating costs, and the funds we use have some of the lowest costs in the industry. To achieve the diversification and low operating fees, we use Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) for most of our investment choices.

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