Lance’s Radio Show Guest List

[table caption=”Financial Industry” width=”500″ colwidth=”120|150|” colalign=”left|left”]
John Bogle,Founder of Vanguard Group

Mohamed El-Erian,When Markets Collide

Charles Ellis,Winning The Loser’s Game


[table caption=”Economists & Academics” width=”500″ colwidth=”120|150|” colalign=”left|left”]

Gary Becker,Nobel Laureate

Jagdish Bhagwati,Research on International Trade

Tyler Cowen,Marginal Revolution Blogger

Eugene Fama,Nobel Laureate & Fama/French Research

Robert Frank,Co-Author Principles in Economics with Ben Bernanke

Benjamin Friedman, Moral Consequences of Economic Growth

Ken French,Fama/French Research

Tim Harford,The Undercover Economist

Laurence Kotlikoff,The Coming Generational Storm

Robert Litan,Good Capitalism Bad Capitalism

Annamaria Lusardi,Research on Financial Literacy

Burton Malkiel,Random Walk Down Wall Street

Robert Manning,Credit Card Nation

Terrance Odean,Investor Behavior

Edmund Phelps,Nobel Laureate

James Poterba,Taxation and public policy

Edward Prescott,Nobel Laureate

David Schkade,Happiness Research

Barry Schwartz,The Paradox of Choice

Robert Shiller,Irrational Exuberance & Real Estate

Jeremy Siegel,Stocks for the Long Run

Rex Sinquefield,Success of Expert Predictions

Philip Tetlock,Research on Expert Predictions

Richard Thaler,Behavioral Finance

Walter Williams,Free market economics

[table caption=”Policy Makers” width=”500″ colwidth=”120|150|” colalign=”left|left”]

Mercer Bullard,Fund Democracy

Douglass Holtz-Eakin,Director of Congressional Budget Office (2003-2005)

Sam Johnson,Congressman

Arthur Levitt,S.E.C. Chairman (1993-2001)

John Linder,Congressman

Bob McTeer,President of Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas (Retired)

T. Boone Pickens,Alternative Energy Propoent

Robert Reich,Labor Secretary (1993-1997)

[table caption=”Media & Authors” width=”500″ colwidth=”120|150|” colalign=”left|left”]
Ken Blanchard,One Minute Manager

Peter Bernstein,Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk

Wiliam Bernstein,Four Pillars of Investing

Ori Brafam,The Starfish and the Spider

Jonathan Clements,WSJ Columnist

Lee Eisenberg,The Number

Knight Kiplinger,Kiplinger Magazine

Michael Mauboussin,More Than You Know

Alan Murray,Deputy Managing Editor of the Wall Street Journal

Jeff Opdyke,Wall Street Journal

P.J.O’Rourk,Wealth of Nations

Robert Samuelson,Newsweek

John Stossell,ABC

Walter Updegrave,Money Magazine

Jason Zweig,Your Money & Your Brain