Alphabet Soup – Selecting a Financial Advisor

Selecting a financial advisor is similar to selecting a primary doctor. You want someone you can trust, someone who communicates well, and someone who shares your general philosophy. But that’s not enough when you are selecting someone to help manage your life’s savings. Below are a few additional points to consider while interviewing candidates. I’ve […]

The Three T’s of Portfolio Management

Do you have what it takes to manage your money? To successfully manage a portfolio – any portfolio – you need to possess the “three T’s” : time, temperament and training. TIME Isn’t time always the bottleneck? You can’t be a successful investor without committing a certain amount of time to the task. If you’re […]

The Who, How, What and Why of Portfolio Management

Today I’d like to talk portfolios, but before we do let’s get some numbers on the table: There are almost 8,000 different mutual funds in the U.S. to choose from, along with over 1600 Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and another 6,000 individual stocks for those investors crazy enough to pick individual stocks. You’re not really […]

Don’t Be Caught (dead) Without These Essential Estate Planning Documents

It’s no surprise that every financial planner suggests that clients have appropriate estate planning documents in place. But folks are often surprised that the suggestion applies to them. Many people don’t think they have sufficient assets to justify an “estate” plan.  Some already have a will, never mind that it’s older than some of their (grown) […]