These days, with the world at our fingertips and total wealth at an all-time high, financial peace of mind and overall happiness should come easily. But instead, as more people look at their funds and attempt to plan for the future, they are experiencing the opposite. They are panicking over their budgets, unsure of how they should be saving and investing, and feeling financially trapped. With all this unease and uncertainty, happiness seems to be leveling off, if not declining.

To change this process for the better, experienced financial planner and consultant Lance Alston introduces his effective and mindful approach to discovering your combined emotional and financial needs. Wealthfulness is the balance of wealth and happiness, the combination of monetary success and meaningfulness. What financial endeavors are the wisest choices for us? How much time should we be spending, investing, saving, and planning? How much money do we need to be truly happy in life? The answers to these questions are highly personal, and Alston helps us find each one, and plan accordingly by taking into account our individual personalities and circumstances.

“Wealthfulness is a well-written testament to simplicity.  That’s what investors need.”

– John Bogle, Founder of The Vanguard Group



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