About Us

Very few financial advisors ask, “What do you, the investor, want from the financial services industry?”

In fact, Wall Street usually asks that question in reverse, “What does the financial services industry want from investors?”

When approached from Wall Street’s point of view, the things that you need from a financial advisor – unbiased advice, straightforward guidance, reasonable and understandable fees – are forgotten.

So we’ve taken Wall Street out of the equation and created New Dimensions Wealth Management. Our firm is founded on the concept that your money is only one of many dimensions of your wealth. Our aim is to simplify the financial planning and money management process so that families can enjoy their wealth rather than worry about it.

Your financial future is  dependent on two things within your control: a thoughtful financial plan with regular updates and a low-cost, highly diversified investment strategy with the appropriate amount of risk. That’s what we provide.

It’s really very simple: reasonable fees + unbiased guidance = valuable financial advice.

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Lance Alston, CFP®